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Gabriella Zacche

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, living in New York City since 2015, and currently pursuing my Master’s degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Being born and raised in Niterói (near Rio), I never imagined myself living in such a crazy (and amazing!) place as New York City, one of the main cities in the world for fashion.Since I was young, I was very passionate about fashion and style, but never took it seriously as to pursue a career in the industry.

Only in 2013, after two undergrad majors that have nothing to do with me (Pharmacy and International Relations) and a year working at a beauty company, I threw everything ‘away’ to do what I love. It all started with ‘simply’ blogging (and also starting a fashion company at the same time, but that’s not as important, right? hahaha)…… My first blog, in Portuguese, Feito com Glamour, was the kick start I needed to get more knowledge of the industry, the trends, and the PEOPLE! I had lots of fun doing it, and only now, in 2017, I decided to create an English version of it,!

I want to use this space to talk about fashion from an industry standpoint, but at the same time, with all the fun of posting my looks, reviewing products, and reporting the latest trends and news! In the ‘NYC Life’ section, I hope to bring you all the amazing fashion experiences that the city offers, and tell you all about my favorite activities and experiences here! I hope you will all enjoy!!!!! – and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for some real-time posts! @gabriellazacche


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